Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT)

Environment generation tool for creating a high fidelity immersive training experience in today’s 21st century synthetic battlespace.

advanced-simulation-combat-operations-trainer-ascotAdvanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT)

Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT) is an environment generation tool for creating the high fidelity immersive background for today’s 21st century synthetic battlespace. The system provides a robust war-gaming and mission rehearsal capabilities for real-time LVC training.


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ASCOT is a real-time interactive simulation tool that easily manages the entire battlespace from single ship Close Air Support (CAS) missions to multi-axis, multi-ship Special Operations.  Multiple systems can be networked together at a single site, or at multiple sites around the world for dynamic large-scale joint and coalition exercises.

Exercise Generation

With the ASCOT’s user-friendly interface, a sim driver can drive and maintain a large number of air, surface, subsurface, and ground entities during an exercise. Formations and packages are quickly created with a single action – operators need drive only the lead entity. Operators have full control of an entity’s weapons and sensors systems, or it can be put in auto-fire mode – the entity will automatically detect and engage opposing forces on it’s own. Sending aircraft auto-RTB and on routes in and out of target areas alleviates driver workload.

The flexibility of ASCOT gives Instructors and Exercise Directors the ability to control exercise tempo and dynamically direct the exercise focus to meet the training needs of their audience.


Link-16 and Link-11 messages can be dynamically sent by an operator, or set-up to be automatically transmitted when triggered by operational events. Where appropriate, the majority of a message is auto-filled with the real-time data to decrease sim driver tasking, and increase scenario realism.

Electronic Warfare

ASCOT incorporates a robust electronic warfare modeling capability. Emitter databases can be customized based on user requirements, including emitter and beam functionality. ASCOT emissions modeling complies with IEEE and DMO standards.


ASCOT integrates with other simulation platforms through DIS or HLA. It is a major component of the DMO (Distributed Mission Operations) AWACS Mission Training Centers (MTC), integrating with multiple virtual fighter, bomber, and C2ISR platforms across the network.

Database Driven

To the maximum extent possible all entity models and behaviors, scenario data, data-links, etc., are described in databases.  This gives operators full control of their scenario environment.

Virtual Battlespace

ASCOT creates a realistic virtual battlespace by using real-world data and models.  DTED is used to clamp ground entities to terrain and prevent radar detection of aircraft behind mountains.  Jamming is injected by type and intensity against Radar and IFF.  Damage assessment is based on weapon type, warhead size/type, and target size/armor.

Scenario Development Tools

Scenario development and its execution are made simple by the use of the Scenario Database Management Tool (SDMT) within ASCOT. SDMT provides an intuitive user interface to manipulate the ASCOT database allowing the addition of any ASCOT Air, Ground, Surface, Subsurface, Life Forms, Emitters or Weapons entity to suit a particular scenario. All the characteristics of these entities, such as enumerations, performance parameters, weapons performance and emitter functional parameters, can be modified to meet scenario objectives or testing environments. Additionally, scenario Airspaces Control Measures, such as Anchors, CAPs, CPs, Airbases and Routes, can be defined using SDMT. Finally, the data sources can be unclassified or classified, allowing for operations at multiple security levels. SDMT gives ASCOT users the tools to truly customize ASCOT scenarios without the need for complicated database interactions.