Company Culture at PLEXSYS

A look at the values and practices shared by the employees at PLEXSYS


As a PLEXSYS employee, you can expect certain advantages; such as advancement based on performance, competitive wages, valuable benefits and good working conditions. The management of the Company assumes responsibility for providing these advantages to its employees and is further committed to ensuring an environment that empowers individuals to realize their full potential, by providing opportunities and necessary support to achieve personal and professional goals.

Employees of PLEXSYS also carry an individual responsibility for providing the best service possible to all customers, cooperating with fellow employees and supervisors, exhibiting quality workmanship, and abiding by the rules and regulations necessary for the health and benefit of the entire organization.


Expand PLEXSYS’ prominent position, both domestic and international, in the Joint Live, Virtual and Constructive environment. Provide cutting-edge, state-of-the-art simulation, training aids, scenarios, communications and support services. Leverage knowledge, experience and innovative technologies to diversify product lines into existing civilian markets and create new markets where appropriate.


To be the world leader in providing products, services and innovative solutions that enable and transform the way consumers train, maintain situational awareness, command and control assets and distribute information. We will earn our customers’ trust and confidence through superior products and support driven by the integrity, teamwork and innovation of our people.