Direct Link Interface (DLI)

Bridging the gap between the Live, Virtual and Constructive worlds

plexsys-direct-link-interface-dliDirect Link Interface (DLI)

Direct Link Interface (DLI) is a hardware and software solution for customers with a requirement to interface operational data link terminals and live participants, with virtual or constructive participants in a simulated, virtual world.


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The PLEXSYS Direct Link Interface (DLI) uses high speed processing to assimilate, and translate data link messages on the fly bi-directionally. This allows our customers to use actual “mission use” hardware even while participating in a virtual exercise environment. Simply put, on the live side of a mixed environment training venue, the DLI provides a data source that mission hardware perceives as live data, while at the same time, receives and translates data from mission hardware for distribution to virtual consumers. This provides simplified path for platform hardware configuration management while providing a flexible training venue.

L3 Comm

L3 Communications; to support the USAF Rivet Joint (RC-135) mission training systems. L3 uses the DLI to translate between DIS Link-16 and the 1553 interface specific to the RJ system.  This allows the warfighter to participate in DMO Data-Link missions, just like they would in a live tactical environment.



The NORAD Air Defense Sectors; to translate between DIS Link-16 and JREAP-C for mission crew training in both Surveillance and Weapons functional areas. DLI communicates directly to the Northrop Grumman Gateway at the Air Defense Sectors linking the BCS DMO suite to an extensive array of external operational and training networks.

Control and Reporting Centers

The USAF Control and Reporting Centers (CRCs); to translate between DIS Link-16 and the 1553 interface specific to the CRC Modular Control Equipment (MCE) system. This allows the CRC Mission Crew to manage tactical data link assets using the actual CRC Weapons System. This capability all but eliminates “simulation considerations” from distributed training events.

DLI handles the following protocols, and can be configured to support multiple simultaneous protocols with user defined routing of messages between protocols:

  • SIMPLE (L-11& L-16 for edition 1 and L-16 for edition 2)
  • JREAP-C (Link-16)
  • MIL-STD-1553 for RJ/JSTARS (Link-16)
  • MIL-STD-1553 for CRC (Link-16)
  • DIS/HLA (Run Time Interface and Federation Object Model integration dependent)
  • Future deployments are scheduled to include SADL and EPLRS implementation