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Radio Simulation and System Modeling

sonomarc radio simulation

The latest radio simulation and systems modeling product from Plexsys Interface Products, Inc.

Radio communication simulation at its best, Sonomarc is designed for use across multiple platforms — addressing the training needs for fighter cockpits, civilian aviation, and ground base communications.


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PLEXSYS product development teams are comprised of subject matter experts — military, ex-military, pilots and trainers — and the brightest software engineers in the radio communication and simulation community. We are able to put ourselves in the trainee’s position, to deliver a product that’s intuitive and easy to use. Off the shelf, plug and play — you don’t have to be an engineer to use it.

API is Off-the-Shelf Plug and Play

Sonomarc is designed to work with your simulators…your equipment…plug-and-play — right out of the box. Customers go from integration to use, quickly and efficiently. Sonomarc lets you change frequencies on the radios, adjust volumes, squelch levels, AM/FM modulations, and more all using your simulator’s flight controls.

Touch Screen Technology with Instructor Link, an Intuitive User Interface

Sonomarc takes advantage of the latest technology offered in today’s computing with Instructor Link, a powerful virtual radio client that lives at the instructor work station. With the swipe of your finger, you can access your radios like you would access something on your smart phone. Instructor Link gives instructors a sleek modern way to access and manipulate radios.

Scalable using an Single Server

Train one student or dozens. Sonomarc is perfect for a single cockpit — a single user up to multiple cockpits, multiple platforms, all hosted on a single server. That’s what scalable means.sonomarc radio simulation

Small Footprint

The user interfaces are built around modern touch screen devices that sit on your desktop — you can operate your simulator and still use the radio simulation software. The hardware unit that is housed at the simulator provides headset and analog connections for up to four seats was designed to use little of your valuable rack space.

Quantum Sync Delivers Low-Letency

There’s not much more frustrating than seeing someone’s lips move and five seconds later, hearing their voice. Quantum Sync is technology that allows for high performance radio communications between client and server. This technology provides low latency, for the realism that you need for training environments.

Auto Update

When it’s time to update your software, there’s no more going around to all client machines and updating each one, and configure everything all over again – our system does it for you.

High-Fidelity Radio Model

The Sonomarc radio model incorporates factors such as, propagation loss, terrain line of sight, a noise model and other features that make it a true, high fidelity radio model.

Powerful Instructor Experience

From instructor work stations, you will experience a highly detailed look into the student’s point of view. Instructors can monitor all switch actions and radio mechanics. They can also listen to any and all radio, intercom and microphone inputs as though they were in the driver’s seat or talk directly to any number of students with the press of a finger.

Environmental Control

Environment and platform realism is an important factor for successful training. Whether it’s the roar of an engine or replication of onboard system sounds, Sonomarc has you covered. Trigger the sounds via real time events or mix in an existing simulator’s audio output for the highest levels of realism and cohesion.

System Overview


Sonomarc is comprised of both hardware and software.

To learn more about the latest radio simulation and systems modeling product from PLEXSYS, contact us today.