OnScene Commander - Situational Awareness Technology

Unparalleled situational awareness of emergency management and response operations

plexsys-onscene-commanderOnScene Commander Situational Awareness Technology

Command and Control is a function of operations managment, whether it be Military or Civilian in nature, that thrives on information. The more current and accurate the information is, the more efficient and effective the management provided can be.


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OnScene Commander is a tool designed to present mission-relevant, actionable information fostering time-critical decision making. Emergency Management operations supported include, but are not limited to Wild Firefighting, Natural Disaster Response and Recovery, and Search and Rescue Support. Further uses may include any situation requiring awareness of deployed field assets, both personnel and equipment. OnScene Commander utilizes real-time and near real-time tools to provide valuable service in all these situations.

Wild Firefighting Support

OnScene Commander was designed to assist decision makers in managing and protecting wild firefighting ground crews as they fight devastating range and forest fires. OnScene Commander provides constant awareness of the location of PAWS equipped ground crews in relation to advancing fire threats and safe zones. The PAWS system includes two-way text messaging capability that is independent of terrestrial line-of-sight issues normally encountered by many radio communications systems. The messaging capability provides an additional measure of safety to quickly and reliability distribute warning and other important information to those who need it, when they need it. UAS support can be added that provides a visual reference between fire crews, the fire line and UAS video information.

Disaster Recovery Support

OnScene Commander features the ability to incorporate existing GIS shapefile data layers into its Versatile Map Display. Using OnScene Commander combined with PAWS and a UAS, first responders can provide important situational awareness information to an emergency manager or request immediate assistance for rapid rescue or redeployment utilizing the SOS signaling feature. Critical locations such storm shelters and critical utility infrastructure, e.g., gas cutoff valves or fire hydrants are often buried by debris but can be quickly located by UAS and/or PAWS equipped ground crews directed through OnScene Commander.

Search and Rescue Support

To prevent the “stove piping” of information, OnScene Commander combines the UAS video downlink and the OnScene Commander Versatile Map Display in a live video stream synchronized with mission audio. This live stream can be broadcast to any authorized Windows based PC, portable iOS or an Android™ device with internet access. The system records and stores video and audio streams for later review if desired.

Command and Control Video Distribution

To prevent the stove piping of information, OnScene Commander also combines the UAV video downlink and the OnScene Commander displays in a live video stream that is synced with mission audio. This live stream can be broadcast to any authorized Windows based PC, portable iOS or an Android device with access to the network. This system also records and stores these missions for later review if desired.

System Requirements

OnScene Commander is currently designed to run on a PC running Windows 7.

Services Available:

  • Field Wi-Fi Connectivity Hardware
  • Field Training and Setup
  • Custom UAS Interface