PLEXComm Product Suite

A multi-role comprehensive suite of communication capabilities and solutions

PLEXComm Products

PLEXComm is a multi-role comprehensive suite of communication capabilities. It contains numerous Live, Virtual, and Constructive training solutions to include Scripted Voice, Virtual Radio, Advanced User Interface, and Degraded Environment Injects.


pdf-download PLEXComm VR Product Information Sheet

pdf-download PLEXComm SVP Product Information Sheet

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plexcomm-virtual-radio-userVirtual Radio (VR)

Stand-alone software compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux operating systems DIS and HLA compatible to talk and listen on multiple radios and nets simultaneously.


plexcomm-scripted-voice-player-svpScripted Voice Player (SVP)

Utilize PLEXComm Scripted Voice Player to create, review and script playback radio events of recorded voice wave files from a specific radio at a designated time and on a designated frequency.



The latest radio communications and systems modeling product from Plexsys Interface Products, Inc. Radio communication simulation at its best, Sonomarc is designed for use across multiple platforms — addressing the training needs for fighter cockpits, civilian aviation, and ground base communications.