Advanced connection framework

Video, Audio, and Data for After Action Review (VADAAR)
Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC)

Video. Audio. Data. Synchronized

VADAAR LVC is an advanced connection framework that lets you record, monitor, and debrief in Live, Virtual, and Constructive environments.

Record, monitor, and debrief in Live, Virtual, and Constructive environments

Add distributed, multi-participant debrief capabilities to any live or training system

VADAAR LVC can be added to any platform. Tap into video displays, cameras, audio, and network traffic to record everything that happens. Give instructors the power to set bookmarks and make notes throughout the exercise, or create them automatically from event triggers. Then, recall the bookmarks during playback for precision teaching moments.

Featuring a powerful network centric architecture, VADAAR LVC connects multiple participants into a coordinated brief/debrief. Whether in the same room, same site, or distributed across the world, with VADAAR LVC you find out what’s important and focus on the right learning outcomes.

Powerful analysis toolset

With VADAAR LVC, you can record Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) or any other UDP data, and synchronize this truth data with what the participant experienced. Compare what they thought they saw, heard, and did (perceived truth) with what was presented to them, how they reacted to it, and the truth data behind it all. VADAAR LVC can reconstruct the network environment so that you can work with your favorite simulation tools.

Seamlessly integrates into your existing system

VADAAR LVC integrates seamlessly with other simulation tools and utilities, including radios, instructor stations, and image generators. Enhance your debrief further with sonomarc, providing radio frequency monitoring and the DIS Packet Analyzer (DPA), providing data analysis in an easily readable format for message PDUs.

Future Proof

VADAAR LVC leverages standards and builds on world class compression and streaming technology. Featuring support for any resolution and several codecs including H.264. This means that your debrief system will grow as you need it. Need more capability? Add licenses at any time to expand.

Powerful.  Flexible.  Expandable

VADAAR LVC uses industry standards for maximum interoperability, so you have peace of mind. Whether you need on-demand streaming or multicast, VADAAR LVC has you covered. With a full Application Programmer Interface (API) available, your engineers can build powerful integrations with the VADAAR LVC platform.


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