Stasi Knight

August 3rd, 2022 by

Meet Stasi Knight

Stasi is the Senior Administrative Specialist in Accounting at the Camas WA headquarters. She joined the PLEXSYS team in 2001 as an Administrative Assistant after graduating from the Business Computer Technology Institute. Before coming to PLEXSYS, she was a busy mom with three children. She’s also worked at several other companies, including US Bank.

Working at PLEXSYS has allowed Stasi many opportunities for advancement. She has held positions in software testing, finance, and executive administration. She was also a key player in mapping the AWACS simulation consoles and the logistical planning for hundreds of tradeshows.

Outside of work, Stasi loves spending time with her kids and grandchildren. She also likes spending time with her two dogs, Bash and Lily. She enjoys reading, gardening, crocheting, walking trails, nature photography, watching her grandson play soccer, and shopping with her daughters.

“I have always appreciated the opportunities PLEXSYS has given employees to grow and ensure we are taken care of in the best way possible; from medical insurance, the 401k program, continuing education, and the ESOP,” said Stasi. “These are just a few things that PLEXSYS does for their employees.”

Stasi also shared, “It amazes me to look back to when I started at PLEXSYS and to see not only how far I have come, but how far PLEXSYS has come.”

Featured Employee: Nick Bittle, Senior Manager, Business Planning & Operations

July 13th, 2022 by

Meet Nick Bittle

Nick is the Senior Manager, Business Planning & Operations. He honorably served in the United States Marine Corps for five years, focusing on component-level avionics on the EA-6B Prowler. After the military, he became a contractor and deployed with the VMUs to Iraq and Afghanistan as a UAS Pilot and Maintainer. Nick also worked as an Advanced Training Manager at Insitu inc., a Boeing company where he trained customers to fly and maintain drones.

Nick joined the PLEXSYS team in 2015 and has extensive experience in project management, analysis and control, and proposal writing. He is considered an expert in strategic planning and operations, financial management, and organizational leadership. In 2015, he was part of a team that fielded OnScene Commander at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York. The effort significantly improved the situational awareness and safety of Cadet Land Navigation. Nick was also a vital asset to the installation of the Multi-Domain-Lab at the United States Air Force Academy in 2021.

“Every day is a new challenge and slightly different than the last. The people at PLEXSYS are some of the best I’ve worked with, and they make coming to work a pleasure,” said Nick. “My experience with PLEXSYS company culture has been working hard and playing hard. I’ve been in some difficult situations in front of the customer, and what sets PLEXSYS apart is our unwavering commitment to the customer and their mission.”

Nick received his Bachelor’s degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and is currently working on his Master’s degree in Finance. He is an avid fisherman, hunter, dirt biker, mountain biker, hiker, gardener, and anything “outdoorsy.”

Featured Employee: Patrick Nelson, Systems Administrator

June 8th, 2022 by

Meet Patrick Nelson

Patrick is a Systems Administrator supporting a wide array of projects including setup and support of end user workstations, maintenance of server and network infrastructure, and development of computer architecture solutions for internal and external customers. He is a graduate from Washington State Vancouver with a business degree in Management Information Systems (MIS).

Prior to joining PLEXSYS, Patrick was an Information Technology (IT) consultant with small businesses. He started with PLEXSYS as an IT intern in 2021, and was hired full time in January 2022. His choice to work for PLEXSYS was originally due to location and the use of well-equiped technologies. He has stayed with PLEXSYS because he likes the company culture and enjoys the work that he does.  

“The IT team is very cooperative, helpful, and close-knit. Overall, the community-based culture, the friendliness, willingness to work together, and the respect people show one another are wonderful. Certainly it was not what I was expecting from a larger company,” stated Patrick. “I was not expecting the leadership team to be as accessible as they have been. The fact that I know that the leadership team is personally involved with and connected to their employees is a great comfort.”

Patrick has worked on several products in his time at PLEXSYS, including constructing and configuring an Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) for the security team. The project is a great success and is now internet facing which brings insights into the types of attackers that the firewall eliminates.

Outside of work, Patrick likes to read, learn new skills, play video games, and exercise. He prefers to read historical books, philosophy, & classic works. PLEXSYS is proud to have Patrick on the team!

Featured Employee: Luke Koetje, Systems Integration Test Engineer

June 8th, 2022 by

Meet Luke Koetje

Luke is a Systems Integration Test Engineer at the PLEXSYS Headquarters in Camas, Washington. He served 11 honorable years in the United States Army as a Field Artillery Specialist and then as an Intelligence Non-Commissioned Officer. While in the Army, he finished two combat tours in Iraq and three tours in Afghanistan. With an additional tour of duty at the Republic of Korea near the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

After the military, Luke worked for a robotics company as a field service engineer, where he provided Command, Control, Communications, Computers (C4) Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) services to the Army. He deployed several more times to Iraq and Afghanistan and helped maintain high-resolution imagery cameras and imagery processing computing clusters.

Luke joined the PLEXSYS team in 2013 after deciding to settle down and leave the Middle East. He wanted more time at home but to continue working for the Department of Defense using his skills in military operations. PLEXSYS was a perfect fit for those goals.

“The culture here at PLEXSYS is great. There have been numerous times when I have needed to take care of family business or other non-work-related things, and it has never been a problem,” Said Luke. “PLEXSYS does work hard and play hard. Additionally, it is cool to see so many people here who work well together and are good friends outside the office.”

Luke is a University of Maryland graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity. He is a family man and loves to climb, mountaineer, hunt, ski, run, and play guitar when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Featured Employee: Danielle de Montigny, Technical Documentation Supervisor

April 13th, 2022 by

Meet Danielle de Montigny

Danielle de Montigny is the Technical Documentation Supervisor for PLEXSYS, where she leads the development of content from scientific and technical information into language more easily understood by a non-technical audience. She also identifies gaps in documentation and works to fill them to ensure the documentation upholds PLEXSYS standards. 

Before joining PLEXSYS in 2020, Danielle worked in the veterinary industry, oil and gas exploration in Hungary, and an asbestos laboratory. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Geology with a minor in Latvian.

“I have several friends who work for PLEXSYS, and they always speak very highly of the company and work environment. When a junior tech writer position opened, I jumped at the chance since I had a lot of experience writing technical documentation in my previous jobs. Since then, I’ve grown into a Technical Writing Supervisor role, seen our team (and the company) double in size, and written hundreds of content pages for our user manuals.”

Danielle is an avid cook and baker, genealogy and family history enthusiast, and an enthusiastic board game player.

Featured Employee: Tara Marta, Director of Marketing

March 17th, 2022 by

Meet Tara Marta

Tara Marta is PLEXSYS’ Director of Marketing. She retired from the United States Air Force (USAF) in 2014, after 24 years of service in various operational and staff positions and multiple fields, with expertise centered on command and control, tactical data links, executive leadership and administration, human resources, and staffing. As an Air Force ambassador and through the Air Force Association, Tara helped educate the public on the mission of the USAF, advocate and promote aerospace power to shape policy and resourcing decisions, and support Airmen and their families.

Tara is currently a Doctor of Marketing candidate at Grand Canyon University. She holds Master’s degrees in Business Administration, Human Resources, and Education; with other degrees and certifications in Project Management and Aerospace Technology.

Tara joined the PLEXSYS team in 2016 as a Business Development Associate with extensive experience in customer relationship management, event planning and execution, lead generation, marketing strategy, and communication. She is considered an expert in organizational leadership, strategic planning, content creation, and media relations. After several years of evolving her diverse portfolio with the company, PLEXSYS handpicked Tara to establish the marketing directorate and promoted her to Marketing Director in 2022.

“I am honored to be a member of the PLEXSYS team,” Tara said. “The PLEXSYS Marketing team is passionate and committed to helping promote training and readiness through digital marketing and innovation.”

Tara is a mother of four young adults. She loves traveling, rock climbing, paddle boarding, hiking, yoga, volunteering, and spending time with family.

Featured Employee: Bryan Thomason, Business Development Manager

March 17th, 2022 by

Meet Bryan Thomason

Bryan Thomason joins PLEXSYS with over 22 years of experience in modeling and simulation, including internet application development and flight simulation. After graduating, Bryan joined the technology industry as a Software Engineer.    

As Bryan evolved his talent in multiple industries, including health care, technology, and defense, he mastered internet application development, software systems engineering, and flight simulation. After 16 years at ZedaSoft, Inc., a partnering company with PLEXSYS, Bryan pivoted his career to use his technological background to better connect with our customers as a Business Development Manager.    

“Because ZedaSoft is a partnering company to PLEXSYS and my job description at ZedaSoft varies from writing software to doing Business Development, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many PLEXSYS employees from different departments. The biggest common ground with all of [PLEXSYS Employees] is that they’re all great people willing to help and do whatever it takes to get the job done. I wanted to be a part of that as soon as I could!”    

Recently, Bryan’s work contributed to the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) Multi-Domain Lab (MDL), a $9.5 million laboratory simulating two flight bays, a remotely piloted aircraft control room, and other computerized training aid.

When away from work, Bryan enjoys his home state of Texas by playing golf, woodworking, and supporting his children in their success.

Featured Employee: Jason Donowitz, Director of Engineering

February 9th, 2022 by
Jason Donowitz Headshot

Meet Jason Donowitz

Jason Donowitz is a dedicated employee who has worked at PLEXSYS for almost 15 years. Upon graduating with his bachelor’s degree in 2007, Jason joined PLEXSYS as a Junior Software Engineer. He was immediately immersed in designing, developing, and modifying corporate software solutions for the modeling and simulation industry.

“Having come to PLEXSYS right out of college, I was eager to work on the complex and challenging technical problems PLEXSYS faced in providing distributed training systems to meet a wide variety of industry needs.” 

In his 15 years at PLEXSYS, Jason’s success as an employee and team member helped him climb the promotional ladder within his department. In October 2020, Jason became the Director of Engineering. Along with executing successful PLEXSYS software solutions to our customers, Jason provides leadership, mentorship, and guidance to junior and senior PLEXSYS Engineers. 

Jason is a family man who enjoys watching and supporting his kids play sports. He also enjoys hiking and camping when he is not at work. 

Featured Employee: Kim Hokanson, Technical Instructional Designer

February 9th, 2022 by

Meet Kim Hokanson

Kim Hokanson graduated from Brigham Young University with an Educational Specialist degree (Ed.S.) in School Psychology and a bachelor’s degree in Human Development. 

Before joining PLEXSYS, Kim worked in education for about eight years – half of the time as a school psychologist, then an instructional designer. Most recently, Kim worked at the University of Western States, helping to design and update their Clinical Mental Health Counseling doctoral program and their Sports Medicine master’s program.  

Kim joined the PLEXSYS Technical Documentation team in December 2020 as a Technical Instructional Designer. Along with her team, Kim works with Human Resources, Marketing, and product teams to bring PLEXSYS products to life by designing training programs for the company’s software products for customers and fellow employees. 

“I chose PLEXSYS because it’s a local company with cool software products, and the training and documentation team seemed like a great group of people (I wasn’t wrong). I could tell that PLEXSYS is a company committed to its employees and customers.” 

When she’s not working, Kim enjoys many hobbies, including working on house projects, reading nonfiction, traveling, and trying out new restaurants in Vancouver, Washington.  

Get to Know Our CEO

February 2nd, 2022 by
Meet Our CEO

What comes to your mind when you’re asked to think of a Chief Executive Officer who leads an industry-leading company? At PLEXSYS, many employees would smile when they think of its President and CEO, Ron “Opie” Wiegand.  

Opie is a United States Air Force Veteran with over 27 years of experience as an Air Battle Manager, Weapons Officer, LVC Training Expert, and Commander. His military and civilian experiences speak for themselves regarding professional success. In tandem with that, Opie’s kindness and respect for others at all levels are what helps PLEXSYS navigate and conquer the Modeling and Simulation Industry. 

Whether it’s passing an employee in the halls of the PLEXSYS Headquarters in Camas, Washington, or fostering a new business collaboration at one of the many tradeshows he attends, Opie is well-liked and respected. 

At the end of the day, though, Opie enjoys many things in life just like us: his family, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. PLEXSYS asked Opie to share a few of his favorite things and one thing he thinks every aspiring leader should know. Check it out! 

PLEXSYS: What is your favorite thing about working for PLEXSYS?  

Opie: “Without a doubt, it is working with our amazing people across the globe… our teams are customer-focused, extremely capable, fully committed, and always innovative… simply the best.” 

PLEXSYS: What is your favorite movie and book?  

Opie: “My favorite movie is High Road to China; my wife and I watched it on our first date–I won my wife’s heart from Tom Selleck. My favorite book is the Bible; it provides good news every day.” 

PLEXSYS: What is your favorite snack?  

Opie: “Large popcorn with light butter and salt.” 

PLEXSYS: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?  

Opie: “Filling it with family, friends, food, adventure, travel, and anything outdoors.” 

PLEXSYS: Where is your favorite place that you traveled to?  

Opie: “That’s an unfair question for somebody who is working through the thousand must-see places before you die…I would have to say Lucerne, Switzerland.” 

PLEXSYS: What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone who wanted to become a leader?  

Opie: “Serve others with integrity, vision, your best effort, and genuine care… oh ya, and admit when you fall short.” 


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