Meet Jenni Christensen

Introducing Jenni Christensen, PLEXSYS’ Training and Technical Documentation Manager. Jenni has a B.A. in Physics with a minor in Math and holds a Master’s degree in Teaching with a focus on secondary science education. Before PLEXSYS, she was a high school Physics and Chemistry teacher and worked in Taipei, Taiwan, at an international school. She has worked at other schools in the region, as well.

Jenni joined PLEXSYS in June 2015 and started as a Test Technician on the testing team. She joined PLEXSYS because she wanted to explore careers outside of secondary education and had a friend who worked at PLEXSYS and said it was a pretty great place. Besides the fantastic people she has worked with, she states that what kept her at PLEXSYS “was finding [her] niche in technical writing and training. [She loves] helping people learn and working with [her] team to communicate complex ideas and tasks in simple and easy-to-understand ways.”

Jenni loves to travel, hike, swim, and paint (watercolor and acrylic). She also loves to snorkel and go freediving when she has the chance.

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