Enhanced Mission Record and Review System (EMRRS)

Enhanced Mission Record and Review Systems (EMRRS)

The Enhanced Mission Record and Review System (EMRRS) is the first system to be fielded that allows synchronized recording and playback of combined mission videos, such as Radar, HUD, and Out the Window, along with audio and DIS data.


While used extensively in the local mode, the EMRRS was also designed to solve the problem of relevant distributed mission review over the CAF Distributed Mission Operations Network by providing the capability for synchronous mission data playback at each local site.

The recording and playback of mission audio/video and independent DIS logging is not new to the modeling and simulation training world, but EMRRS gives users the ability to tie all of these elements together in time-stamped synchronicity and control them with the same ease as a home DVR.

With EMRRS, the user has the ability to fast forward, rewind, pause and play any combination of desired audio and video streams in concert with the corresponding DIS PDUs. The inclusion of DIS data allows the use of any DIS viewer program such as INSIGHT, Virtual Battle Management System, OpenFlight, ASCOT Maps, etc., to be utilized simultaneously with the playback of the mission video and audio streams. Because the DIS data is presented in a synchronous stream with the audio and video, the visualizations produced will always be relevant to what is being seen on the mission HUD/Radar and visual displays. Since all DIS PDUs that were present during the mission are available during playback, all point of view (POV) functions of the selected viewer program such as Pan and Zoom are fully functional. EMRRS provides the academic and tactical instructor a tremendously powerful tool to dramatically present student performance in a practical format that is easy to manipulate. After mission reviews are completed the mission videos can be burned to DVDs if desired for later review in the classroom.