ZedaSoft, Inc integrated its Apache and Blackhawk simulated OFP software into the Bugeye RVCT systems to create a realistic evaluation testbed.

UNION, MISSOURI (September 26, 2019) Bugeye Technologies, Inc. has recently completed delivery of their Reconfigurable Virtual Cockpit Trainers (RVCT) as a part of the U.S Army Synthetic Training Environment (STE) OTA 1. The deliveries include multiple versions of mixed reality rotorcraft reconfigurable cockpit systems, man-in-the-loop Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), as well as six virtual reality door gunner trainers. The RVCT systems are Bugeye’s second and third-generation designs that have evolved through tight cooperation with the U.S. Army Futures Command and PEO-STRI over the past year.

ZedaSoft, Inc integrated its Apache and Blackhawk simulated OFP software into the Bugeye RVCT systems to create a realistic evaluation testbed. Other integrated simulation products include:

  • Bihrle Applied Research, Inc.- Apache aircraft flight physics and systems model
  • RTDynamics – Blackhawk aircraft systems model
  • MetaVR – VRSG image generator RVCT out-the-window, sensor and door gunner software
  • Bohemia Interactive Simulations, Inc. – VBS Blue IG image generator UAS sensor software
  • PLEXSYS Interface Products, Inc. – PLEXComm simulated radio and intercom software
  • SA-Photonics, Inc. – SA-92/S Helmet Mounted Display (HMD)
  • ACME Worldwide Enterprises, Inc. – M240D gun system simulator with patented, full-force recoil

Bugeye Technologies, Inc. and ZedaSoft, Inc. have teamed on many projects over the last fifteen years delivering high-quality simulator solutions to the military services and prime contractors. The companies take pride in providing affordable, relevant simulator products that are used by many services for tactics development and network-centric mission operations. Video examples of the RVCT and door gunner systems can be found here:

*** Original press release source: Bugeye Technologies, Inc., Date: Sep 25, 2019. Retrieved from: LINK


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