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WILLIAMTOWN, NSW, AUS (May 1, 2021) PLEXSYS Australia PTY LTD (PLEXSYS) is excited to announce that the Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT) 7 has been selected by Daronmont Technologies (Daronmont) to provide system support to the Next Generation Simulation System, REALMS (ABMSIM). This collaboration between Daronmont and PLEXSYS will provide 41 Wing (41WG), based at RAAF Base Williamtown, with a significant boost to training capability.

The ASCOT 7 System is a dynamic and intuitive Computer-Generated Forces (CGF) platform for utilisation in any Modeling and Simulation (M&S) environment. With its cutting-edge user interface, modular and scalable design, and comprehensive yet extensible database, ASCOT 7 simplifies the development of complex scenarios for training.

The REALMS System is centered on RAAF Williamtown and will also provide 41WG with the capability to link with all 41WG sites to conduct essential collective training. By utilising Defence’s broader simulation network, the system will also enable operators to participate in other large-scale distributed training events.

In addition to installing the software, PLEXSYS will also provide training and ongoing support to both Daronmont and 41WG simulation experts to optimize future use of the simulation software. PLEXSYS is very proud to be a part of the REALMS team and looks forward to providing continued support under this collaborative partnership.

About PLEXSYS Australia

PLEXSYS Australia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PLEXSYS Interface Products, with an office located at the Williamtown Aerospace Center, Newcastle, New South Wales.

The focus of PLEXSYS Australia is serving the needs of the Australian Defence Force and enhancing and enabling the best readiness for the Warfighter by making training better and by continuing to assist in inspiring future growth in Live, Virtual and Constructive Training technologies. Our core values; Integrity, Excellence, Teamwork, and Agility drive everything we do. Learn more…

About Daronmont Technologies

Daronmont is a systems integrator specialising in fixed and deployable C4, surveillance and electronics solutions. Daronmont designs, manufactures and supports Air Defence systems, networked tactical communications systems, deployable hard shelter C4 and laboratory systems, Passive Radar and Communications ESM systems, Distributed Training capabilities, system interfaces and upgrades. Daronmont maintains a workforce of 100 engineers and support staff, encompassing systems, software, hardware, mechanical and ILS disciplines. Learn more…

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