US AWACS, Block 40/45

Mission Crew Training Set, US Air Force

In 2011, The Boeing Company awarded PLEXSYS the contract to provide the USAF with the AWACS Block 40/45 MCTS at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma. Since then, our virtual environment has become an integral piece of AWACS mission training requirements. The Block 40/45 MCTS gives PLEXSYS the opportunity to continue our great service in the US AWACS community while working with an industry giant, The Boeing Company. PLEXSYS has integrated its ASCOT, sonomarc and EMRRS software together with Boeing hardware and OFP software to ensure realistic virtual training for the operational community. In addition to ASCOT and sonomarc, PLEXSYS has also provided the operator console and communications panel emulators for aircrews to perform realistic training.