Japanese AWACS MCTS, Japanese Air Self Defense Force

In 2015, PLEXSYS was subcontracted through The Boeing Company to deliver a MCTS in support of the Japan Air Self Defence Force (JASDF) effort to upgrade their E-767 AWACS and ground systems, referred to the Japan Mission Computing Upgrade Program.  The MCTS will be delivered to the Boeing Company and installed at Hamamatsu, Japan in 2017.

Prior to the delivery of the MCTS to Boeing, PLEXSYS will deliver the system components to Boeing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to be used for development, testing and integration.  PLEXSYS will install two test labs—a classified lab, which will primarily be used for software testing and integration, and a lab configured to mimic the production solution being delivered to the JASDF. As part of the solution, PLEXSYS will provide ASCOT and the SPI used to integrate with the E-767 OFP and sonomarc software/hardware used to simulate communications.

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