NATO AWACS Training Systems

NATO E-3A Component

NATO operates a fleet of 16 E-3A AWACS aircraft located at NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen, Germany, which provide the Alliance with an immediately available airborne command and control, air and maritime surveillance and battle-space management capability. PLEXSYS provides all of the software and hardware to support mission crew training in the new MTC.

As the Prime Contractor, PLEXSYS installed the first of two simulators in the Mission Simulator One (MS1) in April 2008. The ASCOT software along with the Advance Simulation Interface Buffer, supplies Radar, Identification Friend or Foe, Navigation, EES, and Link-16 to the MS1.

In September 2011, PLEXSYS was contracted by the NATO AEW&C Program Management Agency (NAPMA) to provide the E-3A AWACS MTC, which was delivered and accepted in May 2012. The AWACS MTC offers greater capabilities with extra data links and radar and communication modeling. The MTC comprises of 14 mission crew consoles and eight IOS work stations with supporting ASCOT Instructor Stations, NATO Mid-Term interfaces and sonomarc radio simulation. The MTC, like the MS1, is networked with full DMO capabilities. The MTC also incorporates the PLEXSYS EMRRS software.