MTC Programs – JSTARS

In 2010 PLEXSYS was selected by Northrop Grumman to provide a Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) compliant Entity Generator (EG) for training JSTARS mission crews, which was implemented in August 2012. ASCOT, the EG simulation software provided by PLEXSYS, gives the E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (Joint STARS) program at the Robins AFB Mission Training Center (MTC) the ability to realistically mimic the ground environment with 35,000 high fidelity entities. Some of the capabilities include: realistic ground moving target indicator modeling, data-links and data-link jamming, terrain masking, IEDs/VBIEDS, entities with road route following, water awareness, mount/dismount and formation capabilities, and smart IADS. PLEXSYS also provides the JSTARS MTC with time-synchronized recording capabilities by employing EMRRS for more effective briefs/debriefs.