United Kingdom AWACS Mission Training System

Royal Air Force

The RAF operates six E-3D Sentry AWACS aircraft from RAF Waddington. PLEXSYS provides the RAF AWACS mission crew with an affordable, reliable and realistic simulation platform in the form of the E-3D AWACS MTS. To provide the E-3D MTS with the best in LVC technology, PLEXSYS collaborates with the multinational defence technology company, QinetiQ (Prime Contractor) to integrate the ASCOT Environment Generation software and DIS communication solutions.

In 2011, PLEXSYS delivered the first fully operational E-3D AWACS MTS to the award-winning1 Air Battlespace Training Centre (ABTC), RAF Waddington. The MTS is based on the US E-3 MTC version, modified to accommodate the differences between the US E-3C and the UK E-3D. The MTS comprises ten mission crew consoles and seven Instructor Operator Stations supporting ASCOT, Sentry 30/35 software, sonomarc and Link-16 Viewer. The MTS is known within the DSALT contract as the AWACS Rear Crew Trainer.

1.  In 2016, the ABTC team (including PLEXSYS) was selected by the Royal Aeronautical Society for the Bronze Team Award for its contribution in driving a cultural change to synthetic training across the defense industry by delivering outstanding team, collective and joint training in a contemporary synthetic environment.