Scripted Voice Player (SVP)

Create, review and script playback radio events


Scripted Voice Player (SVP)

Scripted Voice Player (SVP) allows the user to create, review and script playback radio events of recorded voice wave files from a specific radio at a designated time and on a designated frequency. These radio events may be one-time communication or an audio transmission that is repeated or looped. SVP Runtime options allow users to de-select scripted radio events prior to execution or dynamically add future radio events. This function allows our customers to construct detailed, tailored scenarios for realistic training events dramatically reducing White Force staffing. With SVP, you can execute an unlimited number of scripted events for each radio.


pdf-download PLEXComm SVP Product Information Sheet

plexcomm-scripted-voice-player-svpSVR supports all IEEE standards for simulation of radios to include radio encoding, simulated secure crypto, and simulated Have-Quick (HQ) radio transmissions. Fault tolerant transmission capabilities ensure high quality transmissions without interruption or interference. You can also synchronize playback with an exercise controller or manually start and stop it.

Editor and Playback modes allow radio event scripting and execution from the same application.