Virtual Radio (VR)

Stand-alone capability for multiple applications

Virtual Radio (VR)

A Stand-Alone Communication Solution

Virtual Radio (VR)  employs stand-alone software compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux operating systems. It is also DIS and HLA compatible, allowing you to talk and listen on multiple radios and nets simultaneously. Each radio is runtime configurable for most DIS parametrics including: Frequency, Power, Gain, Modulation and Exercise ID. Additionally, users can interject reality into training scenarios by performing simulated communication jamming and Enhanced Spoofing against any radio (Export Controlled). For secure communications training, VR supports simulated secure crypto system and key, as well as Have Quick Net, Time of Day (ToD) and Word of Day (WOD) per radio.


pdf-download PLEXComm VR Product Information Sheet

plexcomm-virtual-radio-userAdditional feature functions of the Virtual Radio include:

  • Three position sources including: Center of Earth, Fixed Position in Space and Entity Attachment
  • Can be employed with entity attachment, radio propagation and terrain limitations
  • Terrain effects incorporated using PLEXSYS Terrain Server
  • Remote control feature integrates cockpit simulation
  • Visual cues of transmit, simulated secure and simulated Have Quick modes
  • Able to send Mickey, further mimicking real-world Have Quick capabilities
  • Assignable code name for each radio and net
  • Software is runtime configurable for audio encoding including: Mu-law, CVSD, ADPCM, 16-bit PCM
  • Save radio settings with radio name, frequency, volume and crypto settings for specific exercises
  • Interphone with calling and conferencing capabilities PLEXSYS can tailor the number of radios and nets to the need of the customer