Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT)

ASCOT 5 is a real-time interactive simulation tool that easily manages the entire battlespace from single ship Close Air Support (CAS) missions to multi-axis, multi-ship Special Operations.  Multiple systems can be networked together at a single site, or at multiple sites around the world for dynamic large-scale joint and coalition exercises.

Fielded as a major component of the USAF’s DMO simulation-based training program, ASCOT 5 can stimulate simulators, as well as real-world systems, providing a robust and realistic training environment.

Exercise Generation
With ASCOT’s user-friendly interface, a sim driver can drive and maintain a large number of air, surface, subsurface, and ground entities during an exercise. Formations and packages are quickly created with a single action – operators need drive only the lead entity. Operators can have full control of an entity’s weapons and sensor systems, or can choose auto-fire mode, where the entity will automatically detect and engage opposing forces. Other Smart Entity features, like RTB and route following, alleviate driver workload.

The flexibility of ASCOT gives Instructors and Exercise Directors the ability to control exercise tempo and dynamically direct the exercise focus to meet the training needs of their audience.

  • Database Driven Application—greater operator flexibility & autonomy
  • Unlimited number of ASCOT stations within a LAN or WAN
  • Deployable to any location  (requires 110/240 VAC 50/60 Hz power)
  • Entity display and track data blocks are customizable for each operator
  • Conduct large scale joint & coalition exercises in any battlespace—support 24-hr operations
Ease Of Use
  • Help screens explain commands, features and data entry fields
  • Mission scripting player facilitates voice call queuing from any simulated platform or agency
  • Learn to run intercepts proficiently in 2 hrs
  • Learn data link, voice comm., WAN connectivity, database development and scenario creation in 2 days
  • ATOs, ACOs, & OPTASKLINK are converted into exercise files & run within minutes  (ATOXGEN)
  • Compatible with DIS & HLA (run-time configurable)
  • Transfer of control between DIS sites
  • Interfaces directly into operational equipment (Air Force MCE, Marine TAOM, Army FMS-D, AWACS, etc.)
  • Compatible with Multi-Level Security Networks
Scenario Management
  • Text messaging between any other ASCOT or broadcast to one or more sites
  • Fast-forward, freeze or restart exercise
  • View site ownership of all entities on the network and search by a number of attributes
  • Merge two or more separate exercise scenarios during scenario creation or scenario execution
Data-Link Integration
  • Generate/receive TDL messages (Link-16, etc) on DIS nets
  • Fighter data-link emulated for link-capable fighter aircraft
  • Link messages can be scripted or generated dynamically
  • Track production areas automatically generate a link picture for the battlespace
  • Enables non-link capable simulation platforms to play in data-link exercises
Automated Features
  • Smart Air Entity: ROE-based engagement automation
  • RTB (including approach profiles)
  • Generate/save automated tactics (Pincer, Sweep, etc.)
  • Tally entity kills, hits & misses, & damage percentages
  • Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) areas cause:
    • All uncleared aircraft avoid the area
    • Takeoffs & landings at affected runways suspended
Entity Management
  • Convert any pre-programmed track to dynamic & drive any local entity type — air, land or maritime
  • Strap tracks to lead entity for flight driving, create formations in seconds, & reposition any ASCOT entity
  • Operator definable orbits and anchors / Fuel states updated when aircraft refuels
  • Create dynamic CAP and CP locations that can be saved and used in multiple exercises
  • Adjustable blip-scan ratio for suppressing both RADARS and IFF
  • Fire control windows displays remaining weapons load-out and RADAR contacts
Fidelity & Creation of the Virtual Battlespace
  • Utilizes NIMA DTED & DMED, providing:
    • Ground Clamping for Entity Maneuvering
    • RADAR Terrain Masking
    • Terrain following for aircraft flight
  • Entity emissions stimulate Passive Detection Systems
  • Simulated ECM/ECCM Implementation:
    • RADAR & IFF Jamming against any entity
    • Drop chaff, flares & decoys dynamically
    • GPS and data-link jamming
Maps & Visual Display
  • Utilizes CADRG Maps for real-world visual references within any theater: GNC, JNC, ONC, TPC, JOG, TLM 100, TLM 50
  • Display terrain images from aerial photography, satellites, or any image or graphic as background
  • Load and display DAFIF data map layers
  • Situational display can be tailored for viewing both truth and data-link pictures
  • 3D visual display of both detection and engagement