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Sonomarc is a client-server system providing modern, automated, and flexible communication capabilities and audio distribution. Developed to provide communication solutions that are intuitive and cost-effective, Sonomarc offers the ability to integrate Live, Virtual and Constructive communications into one package. It enables standards-compliant connections to common simulation protocols such as DIS and HLA. From simulated training to operational radio integration, Sonomarc is a communications force multiplier. Sonomarc supports both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Sonomarc Console

Full Communications Control

Platform Communication and Integration

  • Proven and relied upon for audio integration into state-of-the-art flight simulators with singular to multi-seat configurations
  • Connects to Instructor Link, allowing instructor observation, feedback, radio volume control, and malfunction injects
  • Automatically models and adjust audio feeds to account for atmospherics and terrain effects simulating radio propagation loss
  • Sonomarc radios can be fused with environmental audio simulating background static, aircraft engine noise, combat audio, or any recorded audio file

Live Operational Connectivity

  • Create an audio bridge used to combine live and simulated radios into a single communications suite, converts analog signals to digital and digital signals to analog
  • Enhance training experience by giving operators fully functional UHF, VHF, HF, SATCOM, and Link16 radios simulated through their legacy communications panels and software
  • Integrate SIP and VoIP connections into Sonomarc sessions reducing system limitations and providing additional communication nodes within a network
  • Connect tactical and operational chat servers to Sonomarc using XMPP; Chat UI is available in Chat Link and Instructor Link

Operator Focused Solutions

  • Operator Link provides highly customizable operator UI’s designed for live and simulated radio and audio operations
  • Maintain complete control over radio volume and transmission activation, incorporate footswitches, set channels to continuous transmit (Hot Mic), or enable Voice Activated Transmission (VOX)
  • Modernized UI and Windows-based interfaces, Operator Link’s small footprint makes it ideal for adding audio communications to mobile controlling suites and touchscreens
  • Easily integrate Operator Link into the Sonomarc network, switch between operator or instructor role without changing equipment or altering the communications network

Instructor Features and Tools

  • Use Instructor Link to monitor audio channels, customize radio settings, inject jamming or recorded audio signals, and provide instructor feedback instantly to operators
  • Provide feedback and instruction to single, multiple, or all operator consoles at the same time on a selected frequency or a separate audio channel
  • Develop the training environment using Instructor Link’s chat: role play outside agencies; share intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance information; or provide command level guidance
  • Instructors have access to multiple instances of Instructor Link to provide individual and customized experiences for operators without losing communication management capabilities
Sonomarc Console

Customization And Flexibility

  • The technical design allows for installation into existing networks using existing equipment to improve the operator experience while limiting changes
  • Integrate and transmit over numerous networks using LVC protocols DIS, HLA, VoIP, and XMPP
  • Modernized API connections and design are based on and tested using fully-functional prototypes from advanced real-world operational equipment
  • PLEXSYS provides customized communications systems combining Sonomarc capabilities with legacy panels, ultimately reducing costs and increasing operator flexibility, seen in the USAF AWACS MAP

After Action Review And Orchestration

  • Record all DIS, HLA, and VoIP audio feeds on the network to be used for debriefing, observation and archiving; recorded audio can be exported to WAV files for unlimited use
  • Bookmark and flag audio transmissions via a visual timeline, streamline mission reviews by quickly searching for specific times or marked events
  • Use the simple UI and navigation to filter, record, and review a single radio or groups of radios from internal and external sources over the network
  • Individual channel recording allow debriefing sessions to occur simultaneously and are tailored to separate operator consoles or combined for multi-level debriefs


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