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Our character and expertise drive our commitment to your success and our reputation for integrity, excellence, teamwork, and agility.

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An industry leader in modeling and simulation systems for over 30 years.

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PLEXSYS is a modeling and simulation (M&S) software company

with 35+ years of delivering Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) training readiness solutions and innovation. We genuinely believe in our mission and vision to grow strategic value to enable customer and warfighter readiness with a culture of excellence and to always be our customer’s trusted partner.

Our People, Products, and Processes are focused on:

  • Making each customer more successful
  • Enabling training readiness worldwide
  • Building trusted training partnerships

Our passion is enabling better global training with our ecosystem of product solutions. Our value is measured by how our people and products add to our customer’s overall success.

Our Solutions

Create & Control

PLEXSYS has been pushing the boundaries with inspiring solutions for live/synthetic blended environment creation and control for over 30 years. From quickly generating any size scenario to controlling and globally-distributing thousands of entities, PLEXSYS can tailor the right solutions for your specific needs—including simulating and integrating a variety of military LVC datalink messages.


PLEXSYS communication solutions fit your unique requirements, whether platform-specific or tailored instructor/white force application. From a variety of “off-the-shelf” synthetic communication software and hardware packages to custom-made features and hardware interfaces, we can help you add powerful communication capabilities within your live/synthetic blended training environments.

Capture & Analyze

PLEXSYS provides the ability record, monitor and playback synchronized video, audio and data to support your local and distributed, multi-participant brief/debrief requirements of any live/synthetic blended training system across multiple security enclaves. Integrated diagnostics, 3D viewing, and custom voice channel playback are available when paired with other PLEXSYS solutions.

Advanced Displays

Blending multiple projectors into one seamless display, while warping that display onto curved, faceted, or dome screens. We have the expertise to plan, design and implement your next visual project. Other advanced display solutions include environment viewing tools that provide a window into your entire 3D simulation environment and a combined operating picture which helps you take command of your assets with superior “situational awareness”. Additionally, PLEXSYS offers an Incident Command System which presents mission-relevant, actionable information fostering time-critical decision making for emergency management and accountability operations.


Our character and expertise drive our commitment to your success and our reputation for integrity, excellence, teamwork, and agility. We pride ourselves on working and playing well with others. Our software interfaces create integrated solutions. Our cybersecurity policy/ process/ procedures enable these solutions to test/ connect/ operate to meet your security/network requirements. Lastly, our support access is 24/7; our response is timely and effective, and our people are vested in your very real success.

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