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Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT) 7 is a high-fidelity environment generator designed for military instructors needing real-time, interactive, multi-platform simulation. With the capability for distributed, large-scale, modern, theater-level battlespaces, ASCOT 7 provides an immersive simulation background across single or multiple sites. The modern, intuitive user interface simplifies developing complex scenarios with dynamic entity creation, management, and comprehensive data link capabilities.

Sonomarc Console

Key Features

Airspace and Layer Creation

    Dynamic Scenario Creation and Editing

      Data Link Modeling

        Database Editing

          Emitter Modeling and Track Sharing

            Groups And Integrated Air Defense System (IADS)

              Transponder Notifications And Jamming Events

                Features that Matter

                The EnGen system with ASCOT 7 enables environment generation with modularity, scalability, and distributed server capabilities to customize, design, and launch your simulation network from a central location. The EnGen system with ASCOT 7 includes the following components.

                Session Manager provides configuration and control capabilities for organizing and launching the EnGen framework, ASCOT 7, and any other applications on your network. Additionally, Session Manager offers central licensing and optional diagnostics capabilities.

                EnGen provides the framework for distributed server capabilities and feature functionality. This framework is the processing powerhouse behind the ability to simulate 3D terrain, entity modeling in all domains, and complex tasking and behaviors.

                ASCOT 7 is both your scenario development and scenario execution tool. With the ability to develop scenarios as complex or simple as your needs require, you can set the scene with media, develop and resource entities and objects from a dynamic database, and design entity behavior by assigning individual plans or complex tasking to particular entities or groups. Execute finished scenarios from the same interface for training or other environmental generation purposes. This ease of execution allows the simulation to run while monitoring the event or for dynamic editing when instructors or trainers need to change things on the fly. Contact us below for an in-depth introduction to ASCOT 7's capabilities or a live demonstration.

                Simulated Terrain

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