Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT) 7

The ASCOT 7 System is a dynamic and intuitive Computer-Generated Forces (CGF) platform for use in your M&S environment. With its cutting-edge user interface, modular and scalable design, and comprehensive yet extensible database, ASCOT 7 simplifies the development of complex scenarios for your training needs and budget.

System Components:

  • ASCOT 7
  • EnGen
  • Session Manager

Available System Interfaces:

  • Common Simulations Protocol
  • ASTERIX (RADAR Output)
  • Common Image Generator
    Interface (CIGI)



A high fidelity environment generator, ASCOT 7 is designed for military trainers needing real-time, inter­active, multi-platform simulation. With the capability for distributed, large scale, modern, theater-level battlespaces, it provides an immersive background for simulations across single or multiple sites. The modern, intuitive user interface simplifies developing complex scenarios with dynamic entity creation and management and comprehensive data-link capabilities.

Capabilities include:

  • Dynamic Scenario Creation and
  • Database Editing During Scenario
    Creation and Runtime
  • Scenario Editing at Runtime
  • Automated Entity Generation
  • Assign Groups of Commands
    through Plan Editor
  • Create Airspaces and Layers
    through Shape Manager
  • Import and Display Vector Maps
    and Navigation Charts
  • Manage assets at airports/bases
    through Base Manager
  • Emitter Modeling
  • Data-Link Modeling


EnGen provides:

  • The power behind ASCOT 7
  • Powerful global simulation framework which enables multiple PLEXSYS products to perform as environment generators
  • Master Server and Server Node
  • Facilitates process distribution
  • The quick development of applications that leverage simulation-time and data management
  • 3D viewing capability and a modeling interface to process any live and simulated data sets
  • Scalability and open architecture
  • Compatibility with a wide vari­ety of environment generators

Session Manager

Session Manager provides:

  • Scalability via distributed server configuration for the master server
  • Remote launch and shutdown of PLEXSYS products
  • Remote launch of third-party applications
  • Concurrent management of multiple active and inactive sessions
  • Save, load, and edit session configurations 
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