Common Architecture for Secure Environments – Virtualized


CASE-V is a common framework designed to solve the most stringent compliance and integration challenges in today’s modern datacenter and training environments. In a nutshell, CASE-V is a secure computing environment (SCE) on a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) supporting a virtual device infrastructure (VDI). Implementation and integration of the hardware and software also set CASE-V up as a service-oriented architecture (SOA). As such, it provides complete visibility to disparate system components, organic and third-party hardware and software, and cybersecurity toolsets and dashboards. Centralized management allows administrators to update, patch, and monitor all operational and security-related aspects of the system. Virtual machines (VM) and software containers support the delivery of a consistent, stable, and always updated environment. CASE-V offers a robust solution capable of scaling to need as the framework is universal regardless of scale. The baseline configuration also supports “bolt-on” hardware and its respective software (VMs and/or containers) to satisfy almost any use case. It is also capable of connecting to “external” networks and/or weapons systems. All CASE-V configurations are Risk Management Framework (RMF) ready, and a complete set of security documentation is available to support integration into networks and/or secure environments. Bottom line: Your Solution, Secured.

From scenario generation, secure communications, and diagnostics to organic after-action recording and review capabilities, CASE-V’s secure architecture is certified and tested to work with the entire PLEXSYS and ImmersaView software ecosystem as well as with various partner vendor product offerings. The CASE-V framework brings everything needed in a compact, secure, sustainable, and modular package.