Direct  Link  Interface  (DLI)  is  a  hardware  and  software  solution  for  customers  with  a requirement  to  interface  operational  data  link  terminals  and  live  participants,  with virtual or constructive participants in a simulated, virtual world.


  • Flexible protocol translation tool that allows dissimilar platforms to exchange data without modification.
  • Provides simulators & real-world operational systems the ability to exchange multiple message formats across networks in real time.
  • Single  DLI  application  can  be  set  up  to  exchange  data-link information on behalf of numerous clients, each with different data-link message exchange requirements.
  • DLI  can  reside  on  a  desk  top  or  laptop  computer  allowing  for flexibility of configuration.
  • Windows based application, providing ease of use to the operator.
  • Share simulated data link with a JRE, MSCT, ADSI or any Common Operational Picture display in a JREAP-C format.

Data-link Translation

The PLEXSYS Direct Link Interface (DLI) uses high speed processing to assimilate, and translate data link messages on the fly bi-directionally.  This allows our customers to use actual “mission use” hardware even while participating in a virtual exercise environment. Simply put, on the live side of a mixed environment training venue, DLI provides a data source that mission hardware perceives as live data, while at the same time, receives and translates data from mission hardware for distribution to virtual consumers. This provides simplified path for platform hardware configuration management while providing a flexible training venue.

Interfaces & Protocols Supported

  • SIMPLE Link-16
  • SIMPLE Link-11
  • MIL-STD 1553
  • DIS (SISO-J)
  • SIMPLE DIS Ed. 2