DIS Packet Analyzer (DPA)
HLA Packet Analyzer (HPA)

Diagnostics logs network traffic on a given network port and provides display filters, which allow users to efficiently observe, sort, and analyze simulation data. DIS Packet Analyzer (DPA) is the application within Diagnostics that supports analyzing DIS networks.  This allows the user to troubleshoot and analyze their simulation network traffic using easy-to-read dialogs that arrange PDU data in a logical sequence. A similar application, called HLA Packet Analyzer (HPA), is also available for analyzing HLA network traffic.

Feature Highlights

  • Powerful  DIS  PDUs  filters  display  only  the network data what you want to see
  • Record & store PDUs, just as they are received
  • Play stored PDUs back into the sim network
  • Create,  delete  or  edit  specific  recorded  PDUs and then resend into the DIS network at will
  • Export  logged  PDUs  (selected,  filtered,  or  all) into XML format to support post-processing
  • Displays PDUs received & any backlogs
  • Available for Windows & Linux
  • Supports DIS versions 4 through 7
  • Easy readable format for message PDUs
  • PDU parsing—display data packets in tree view
  • See raw PDU data with a Hexadecimal view
  • Save configuration settings for quicker setup
  • Reads many message standards (Link 16, Link 11, VMF, AIS, IJMS, Link4, etc.)