Featured Employee: Danielle de Montigny, Technical Documentation Supervisor

Apr 13, 2022 | Employee Spotlight | By: Tara Marta


Meet Danielle de Montigny

Danielle de Montigny is the Technical Documentation Supervisor for PLEXSYS, where she leads the development of content from scientific and technical information into language more easily understood by a non-technical audience. She also identifies gaps in documentation and works to fill them to ensure the documentation upholds PLEXSYS standards. 

Before joining PLEXSYS in 2020, Danielle worked in the veterinary industry, oil and gas exploration in Hungary, and an asbestos laboratory. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Geology with a minor in Latvian.

“I have several friends who work for PLEXSYS, and they always speak very highly of the company and work environment. When a junior tech writer position opened, I jumped at the chance since I had a lot of experience writing technical documentation in my previous jobs. Since then, I’ve grown into a Technical Writing Supervisor role, seen our team (and the company) double in size, and written hundreds of content pages for our user manuals.”

Danielle is an avid cook and baker, genealogy and family history enthusiast, and an enthusiastic board game player.