Featured Employee: Dr. Neil Smith, Software Engineering Manager for Innovation

Sep 09, 2021 | Employee Spotlight | By: Tara Marta


Dr. Neil Smith joins the PLEXSYS team as our new Software Engineering Manager for Innovation (SEMI). His primary focus will be to manage software development as he works with the Director of Advanced Technologies on the design and execution of long-term disruptive innovation projects. He will be working out of the PLEXSYS UK office.

Before PLEXSYS, Neil spent the past four years working at Diamond Light Source, the national synchrotron radiation facility in the UK. Neil managed the software team responsible for experiment information management capability delivered through a set of web services. He also developed critical components of the software stack and managed the deployment and release strategy. The web platform is a crucial component of the software infrastructure at Diamond, enabling scientific research to be completed efficiently. In recent years the facility has played an essential role in analyzing COVID-19 and searching for clinical drugs and vaccines.

When he’s not managing the development of groundbreaking new software, Neil enjoys visiting theme parks with his wife Paula and son Ben. The family has “Merlin” passes which allows them to see all of the major theme parks in the UK. He also plays in the local badminton league and cycles when the weather permits.

You might be wondering, “What can’t this guy do?” and the answer is apparently “eat with chopsticks.” But we’ve decided not to hold that against him.

Please help us welcome Neil to the team and be on the lookout for exciting advancements from PLEXSYS Innovation as we continue to grow and pursue new opportunities.