Featured Employee: Travis Layne, DevOps Engineer

Sep 08, 2022 | Employee Spotlight | By: Sara Hatfield

Meet Travis Layne

Travis joined PLEXSYS in 2021 and is currently a DevOps Engineer at the Camas, WA headquarters. After graduating from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a bachelor’s in Computer Science, Travis specialized in Security Development Operations as a contractor for the federal government.

Travis’ skillset and experience in automating scripting, security hardening for military branches such as the United States Army, and continuous application integration and development piqued PLEXSYS’ interest quickly. Travis tells us the feeling was mutual, as the opportunities PLEXSYS offered were so appealing, that he moved across the country from Louisiana to PLEXSYS Headquarters in Camas, Washington!

“I wanted to get out of Louisiana to pursue new opportunities and I felt like I had little control over my success working in the south. Hearing about a 100% employee-owned company was a great opportunity for me to improve and achieve a higher chance of success!”

Since joining the PLEXSYS team, Travis says his most significant accomplishment with the company is learning about Perforce Software to improve company servers. This recent training helped him accomplish a challenging project within a week.

“I’ve grown professionally, because I’m the only one on my team and [because of] the nature of this role. Working [in] this role has forced me to improve my communication and presentation skills due to having to create meetings with higher level workers.”

When away from work, Travis enjoys practicing music, playing with his pets, and working out.