Featured Employee: Tyler Coy, Software Engineer

Oct 11, 2022 | Employee Spotlight | By: Sara Hatfield

Meet Tyler Coy

Tyler joined PLEXSYS in 2020 as a Junior Software Engineer at the Camas, Washington headquarters. After graduating from Washington State University (WSU) Vancouver with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Computer Science, Tyler worked as a graduate teaching assistant at WSU Vancouver, teaching freshman-level computer science courses. 

As Tyler finished college, he discovered PLEXSYS and the products the company created for various types of customers worldwide.  

“I thought this was exactly what I had been looking for since high school. PLEXSYS [headquarters] was also close to home, and I didn’t want to move away from the Pacific Northwest.” 

Since joining the PLEXSYS team, Tyler says he’s grown significantly as a professional with the company, including his promotion from a Junior Software Engineer to a Software Engineer.   

“PLEXSYS has allowed me to take up more responsibilities and has shown me what professional software engineering is like outside of school, [and] has given me more confidence as a software engineer. PLEXSYS also encourages employees to take some time to learn various skills, from coding to management, which helps me continue to grow in my skills as a software engineer.” 

While away from work, Tyler enjoys hiking mountains, playing tennis, or watching a new movie.