Exercise Support

plexsys-exercise-supportPLEXSYS supports War-Fighter training in the field, in garrison, and in mission training centers throughout the world. Configurations range from stand-alone system training to multiple site training involving operational units both within CONUS and overseas utilizing a wide area network. Our ASCOT Systems provide training in the Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) Battlespace with realistic emulation of entity maneuver capabilities, emissions generation and detection, weapons employment, data-link messaging, and voice communications.

Environment Generator

As an Environment Generator (EG), ASCOT provides the common operational picture and exercise tempo to all exercise participants and interfaces with constructive and virtual simulation systems.  Exercise requirements dictate how many ASCOT work stations are needed.  ASCOT is certified on the USAF CAF DMO network supporting and is capable of either HLA or DIS protocols. The ASCOT is a very user-friendly EG. An operator can be trained to drive multiple aircraft, engage hostiles, and generate data-link messages in a distributive training environment within a matter of hours.


Our PLEXComm voice communications solution interoperates with any other DIS and HLA compliant radio on a network. In addition to simulated radios, PLEXComm LVC can translate between a digital signal and an analog signal for use with real-world communications systems.

Data-Link Connections

ASCOT can exchange simulated datalink with other DIS or HLA compliant systems or integrate with real-world equipment. Data-link emulation is proven not only with live and simulated US platforms, but also with NATO, UK, and other Non-US platforms. Our Direct Link Interface tool can provide several data-link protocols, including: J-REAP C, Military Standard 1553, Simple-J, Simple Edition 2 or SISO-J


PLEXSYS provides RADAR and IFF, data-link picture, and radio for C2 operators by interfacing with numerous types of tactical equipment, including: USAF CRC MCE, USMC TAOC MCE, USAF AOCs, Navy Battle Force Tactical Trainer (BFTT), US, UK, FR, NATO AWACS, Battle Control System (BCS) and Army Patriot.

Current Usage

ASCOT frequently participates in Fleet Synthetic Training (FST) events, receiving simulated radio entity data from the US Navy over the JTEN and sharing it with US Air Force CRC Operations Modules or US Marine TAOMs. ASCOT has also been used for US Marine Corps Operation Enduring Freedom spin ups at the unit level as well as Korean O-Plan training for units on the Pacific front.  ASCOT participates in DMOC hosted Virtual Flag events on a regular basis.

On-Site Support

PLEXSYS is committed to providing a quality training experience with our products. Exercises can be developed ahead of time at our PLEXSYS headquarters or on-site on a daily basis. Exercise Support Project Managers deploy with our equipment and are “on the ground” resources for ASCOT set-up, interface and operations.