Going Beyond What’s Next


With an increasing supply of information at rapidly available speed, the future of making timely informed decisions comes down to next-generation technology. At PLEXSYS, we are uniquely positioned to create elegant and purposeful solutions to this and other next curve challenges. Our Disruptive Innovation Program takes a bold and disciplined approach to answer the question “what’s next and beyond?”


The mission of the Disruptive Innovation Program at PLEXSYS is to pursue and develop next-generation innovations. We achieve this by encouraging a culture of creativity within the company and supporting the development of new ideas. Our team works tirelessly to seek out potential opportunities and groundbreaking developments.

The Disruptive Innovation Program encourages participation from across the company and utilizes talents from every department within PLEXSYS.

“There are amazing ideas throughout the company, and we’ve created dedicated space to explore these ideas,” says Dr. Alex Streit, Director of Advanced Technologies.


PLEXSYS and its subsidiaries have a long-established tradition of pushing the envelope to bring world-class products to its customers. We are always looking for partners and talented individuals to join in our exploration. We’ve got today and tomorrow covered, the question is, “what’s next and beyond?”

We invite you to join us in our many discoveries. Feel free to contact us via the form below or at