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PLEXSYS Announces New COO

Mar 22, 2022 | By: Tara Marta

Graphic to announce a new COO

CAMAS, WA (March 22, 2022) – PLEXSYS Interface Products Inc. (PLEXSYS), a modeling and simulation software company, is pleased to welcome Hart Rutherford as its first Chief Operations Officer (COO). As a member of the executive team, Hart will contribute to the overall management and growth of the company. 

“As we embarked on a most significant event in the life and future of PLEXSYS—selecting our first COO, we were truly honored by the quality of leaders who applied. What we didn’t expect was that a leader of such high caliber, character, intellect, interpersonal skill, operations/technical/business savvy with vast proven experience, clear vision, winning attitude, a servant’s heart and a sense of humor would reside in one person…” said Ron Wiegand, PLEXSYS President and CEO.” Meet Hart Rutherford… he is a people-first, take care of the customer, never stop improving business and relationships, laugh at yourself not others, and scale well… kind of leader. Achieving PLEXSYS Next goals just got more certain.”

In his new role as COO, Hart will oversee the company’s core lines of business and foster program management excellence to maintain trajectory toward PLEXSYS’ goals and strategies. His 25+ years of experience in the Defense industry centered on delivering research and operational support to warfighting programs, building Defense M&S solutions, improving company operations, and leading business growth. Hart is an active-duty veteran of the United States Navy and is currently a doctoral candidate at Old Dominion University researching the governance and performance of complex systems and human organizations.

“The military and diplomatic unrest on display around the world is an urgent, sobering reminder that the vital solutions PLEXSYS delivers are needed now more than ever,” said Hart Rutherford, Chief Operations Officer. “I am humbled to play a small part on the team that supports our national security and that of our international customers.”


Founded in 1986, PLEXSYS is a modeling and simulation (M&S) software company with 35+ years of delivering Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) training readiness solutions and innovation. We are a 100% employee-owned small business, with more than 200 full-time employees plus part-time consultants in nine states and four foreign countries.