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PLEXSYS’ sonomarc Supports ATC Tower and GCI Training

Oct 29, 2018 | By: Tara Marta

Person at a Sonomarc console

CAMAS, WA (October 29, 2018) – The DELEX Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Zenetex LLC, an International Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Ground Control Intercept (GCI) Training Center, recently took delivery of its third set of sonomarc Instructor Link software and touchscreens. DELEX uses sonomarc at their Oklahoma City-based training center to provide high fidelity radio and intercom simulation. PLEXSYS has supported DELEX communications and interface needs for over three years. A recent expansion of the training curriculum (including an ATC Tower simulator) meant that the existing radio simulation needed to expand to meet the additional requirements.

“PLEXSYS after sale support has been top notch!” said Charles Arata, Program Manager at DELEX. “When the decision came to expand our training capability, we didn’t hesitate to reach out to them to buy more sonomarc licenses.”

One of many advanced features of sonomarc allows for the insertion of environmental sound effects that significantly increase the realism and training impact on students. When the student controller hears a radio call from a role player instructor on a sonomarc radio, the role player sounds exactly like a pilot would in the real world.

DELEX is one of a growing number of customers that are discovering the value and simplicity of choosing sonomarc. DELEX recently committed to using sonomarc exclusively for all their ATC and GCI simulation systems. With customer-focused updates providing ever-expanding capabilities and ease of use, sonomarc enables DELEX to enhance its training value through emulated radio and network communications in a reliable and realistic modern environment.


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About Sonomarc

The latest radio communications and systems modeling product from PLEXSYS Interface Products, Inc and radio communication simulation at its best, sonomarc is designed for use across multiple platforms. This communications product addresses the training needs for fighter cockpits, civilian aviation, and ground-based communications.