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PLEXSYS Introduces New Diagnostics 7.1 Software Suite, Featuring Robust DIS and HLA Loggers

Dec 21, 2017 | By: Tara Marta

Diagnostics graphic

CAMAS, Wash. (December 21, 2017) — PLEXSYS Interface Products, Inc., a leading provider of modeling and simulation solutions, today announced the availability of Diagnostics 7.1, a new version of its simulation traffic analysis technology. The software features DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulation) and HLA (High Level Architecture) loggers, developed to meet the demands of the harshest of simulation environments.

Available for Windows and Linux, Diagnostics is a suite of software designed to receive simulation traffic and provide tools to assist with troubleshooting and analysis. The software can be used to record, view, playback, edit, and analyze simulation objects and their interactions. Both DIS and HLA simulations are supported. The software suite is essential for simulation designers, developers, testers, and IT personnel.

Diagnostics software utilizes real-time analysis tools and can be configured to listen for and receive the DIS and HLA simulation data on the network. DIS Packet Analyzer (DPA) is the DIS logger application that implements the recording and analysis features of Diagnostics software. The contents of any received simulation traffic can be visually inspected, allowing professionals familiar with the protocols to quickly troubleshoot integration issues. The DIS logger stores the received simulation data in a relational database which allows for advanced filtering and search capabilities. Aside from the common object models, Diagnostics software supports several tactical data link message sets, providing robust compatibility with US, NATO, and other tactical simulations.

Diagnostics software suite offers:

  • Viewing of DIS and HLA network data
  • Support for DIS versions 4, 5, 6, and 7
  • Support for several tactical data link standards, including Link 16, Link 11, Link 4, IJMS, VMF, LU2, AIS
  • DIS logger compliant with CAF DMO standards
  • Editing and creation of DIS messages
  • Ability to sort, search and filter based on message contents
  • Ability for DIS logger to record/archive message data for review
  • Variable speed DIS data playback
  • Support for attaching labels to messages for customized data organization
  • Ability to import .pdu, .sqlite, and .log files
  • DPA extensibility using an API, the programming interface to DPA
  • Support for Windows and Linux operating systems

The new features in Diagnostics 7.1 software suite include:

  • Support for Multiple Link 16 Networks
  • Support for Link 16 J11.0 message
  • Ability to receive and transmit DIS data using UDP unicast
  • Caching of DPA dialog settings at run-time
  • Viewing and editing of Transmitter PDU’s Modulation Parameters
  • Support for all Link 16 Message Type Identifiers
  • Listing of components loaded into DPA
  • Listing of license PoC information

Diagnostics 7.1 is available for purchase from PLEXSYS. For more information please visit


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