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Introducing the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) Multi-Doman Laboratory (MDL)

Sep 9, 2021 | By: Tara Marta

Operations center at USAFA MDL


The United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) Multi-Doman Laboratory (MDL) is a 9.5-million dollar facility consisting of two modular suites. Each suite housing a fully integrated Joint All-Domain Operations Center (JADOC), Flight Bay, and remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) control room. The JADOC contains 24 operations center positions, which provide strategic- and operational-level command and control simulators. In a tailorable way, these simulators can replicate an air operations center (AOC) and space operations center (SpOC) and all of their associated capabilities, roles, and missions, along with cyber integration and other joint domains. The Flight Bay consists of 6 tactical-level command and control (C2), electronic warfare (EW), and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) positions, as well as 12 flight simulators that simulate the employment of 10 different fighters and bomber aircraft, along with air battle management, EW, and ISR platforms. Finally, the RPA control room houses 3 RPA simulators.

The two suites can run independently or be linked into the same scenario. Furthermore, the suites fully integrate voice, data link, and chat capabilities to enhance decision-making processes. A third suite is planned for Fiscal Year 2024, with dedicated spaces for space domain control. Finally, future upgrades target the integration and networking of the MDL suites to entities outside of USAFA and beyond.

The Mission

To facilitate an immersive and scalable learning environment in order to provide future Air and Space Force leaders with a unique and lasting experience in the fundamentals of contemporary warfare and the employment of multi-domain effects in a dynamic Joint landscape.

Learn More

To learn more about the USAFA MDL and watch the program grow follow on LinkedIn.


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