sonomarc is radio communication simulation at its best.  From fighter cockpits and ground-based communications to civilian aviation, sonomarc addresses live and virtual communication training needs across multiple platforms.  PLEXSYS product development teams are comprised of subject matter experts — military, ex-military, pilots and trainers — and the brightest software engineers in the radio communications and simulation community.  We are able to put ourselves in the trainer/trainee’s position, to deliver products that are intuitive and easy to use.

Instructor Role Player
  • Manage and assign all radios from one location
  • Monitor what students say & hear on their radios, their switch positions, and panel indicators…all in real-time
  • Talk directly to one or more students during a session
  • Link specific students/platforms to unique sessions
  • Multiple & simultaneous instructor terminals possible
Virtual People
  • Can do most things a real person can do on a radio
  • Provide automated services like ATIS
  • Listen for & verbally respond to commands
  • Editable lexicon, speech speed & pitch, etc.
  • Text-to-speech & speech-to-text conversation history
  • Customize how words are pronounced (accents)
  • Will talk & listen only on specifically assigned radios
Record and Replay
  • Simple record and review of voice communications
  • Record internal and external comms (DIS/HLA/VOIP…)
  • Select audio to listen to with a single touch
  • Event flagging & notes for after-action review & analysis
  • Find specific radios quickly & easily: display filtering, grouping and intelligent quick info
  • Distributed review — redirect audio to others over DIS
  • Time-based and event-based searches
  • Export recordings to disk as standard WAV format
Scripted Events
  • Record audio files or use pre-recorded audio files to schedule scripted or dynamic audio events.
  • Uses sonomarc radios to transmit recording on high fidelity radio models.
  • Scenario files are saved for reuse
Intuitive User Experience
  • Automatic discovery of servers and clients
  • Automatic updates ensure software compatibility
  • Help screens explain commands, features & data entry
  • Versatile: both touch screen or windows-based interface
  • Modern software interface: intuitive, swipe actions, etc.
  • Instructor profiles can be created & shared for efficiency
Live Radio Bridge
  • Bridge simulated communications with “live” radios and real world communications systems.
  • Uses custom hardware to send and receive contact closure and/or voltage to key live and simulated radios
  • Converts analog to digital and visa versa
  • Integrated with several industry communications systems (Frequentis, Mission Voice Platform and others)
Radio Environment Realism
  • Adds background noise unique to platform types
  • Pilot in simulator hears a/c systems, engine noises, etc.
  • Radio transmissions include environmental sounds mic would normally “pick up”
  • Associate sound profiles to platform types
  • Add/edit environmental sound files & associations
Multiple Interfaces
  • DIS compliant (now up to DIS version 7)
  • HLA compatible (multiple RTI’s)
  • Interface w/systems using industry std. VoIP protocol
  • Integrates with your existing push-to-talk system
Cockpit/Platform Communication
  • Create radio, intercom and other platform specific elements to simulate complete communications systems
  • Creates comprehensive simulation of the actual platform communications capability for air/land/surface simulators
  • Remote Protocol API allows for system integration for messaging between host systems and the sonomarc server for many functions such as PTT, frequency changes, aural queuing and instrument lighting
  • Multiple radio types (UHF, VHF, HF, SatCom…)
  • Integrated terrain server
  • Entity attachment: propagation loss & line-of-site realism