Environmental Data at Your Finger Tips


StrataSim (Formerly Terrain Server) provides supplemental environmental data for client applications, preventing individual applications from requiring a sizable terrain or weather database located on the same computer. Instead, clients can query Terrain Server from anywhere on the network for the specific data needed.


  • Terrain – Uses elevation data to respond to client requests for the altitude of a specific area or line of sight verification between a set of points.
  • Weather – Provides the client with weather conditions for a specific area or possible weather conditions effects on a radio signal transmissions between two locations.
  • Bathymetry – Responds to client requests with information about a specific area’s elevation offset from the mean sea level, which can be used to find water depth or topography elevation.
  • Water Awareness – Provides clients with information about the location of bodies of water, including finding the nearest body of water from a given point and determining if a line between two points intersects a body of water.
  • Road Routing – Uses road data to determine the location of roads and calculate the shortest road route between two locations.
  • Map Imagery – Provides clients with map tiles to build and display maps that utilize terrain data.


StrataSim runs on Windows 7 or later operating systems.

Terrain Data

StrataSim uses elevation data to respond to client requests for the following:

  • The altitude of a given point or two-dimensional grid.
  • The slope of the terrain in a specific area.
  • Verification of line of sight between a set of points.

The greater the number of elevation points available in the terrain data, the more precise the response.
A number of terrain data formats are supported.

StrataSim accommodates elevation requests using either WGS84 or EGM96 reference systems.

  • Define a terrain area to load.
  • Manage the amount of memory available to StrataSim for processing requests.

Weather Data

StrataSim provides clients with weather conditions at a given point or two-dimensional grid, or atmospheric signal attenuation (i.e. weather effects on radio signals) between two locations. Weather data is supported for the standard GRIB 2 file format, which provides weather conditions associated with geographic regions. StrataSim supports weather data from these files for the following weather conditions:

  • Precipitation per square meter
  • Lighting strikes (occurrence only)
  • Dry air pressure
  • Geopotential altitude
  • Relative humidity
  • Temperature

Using this data, StrataSim can either respond to the client with weather conditions at a point or in a two-dimensional grid, or calculate atmospheric signal attenuation between two points and provide that data to the client.